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Chances are, you’ve been in the situation where you’re talking with a potential investor for your next project. You know they are qualified, and they appear to be truly interested in your project. They are asking all the right questions: “What’s the total investment, expected return, time to completion?”

Then the bottom drops out. The potential investor leans back in the chair and says, “This is a great project and I’d love to be part of it; however, right now I don’t have any investable capital.”

You know this person, you have worked with them before and you know in a minute, they are not just putting you off, they are telling the truth. They truly would like to invest in your project but the hold-up is that they believe they don’t have the investable capital.

Is it possible they do have the money to invest and they just don’t realize it? This is where you come in. Tell them, “I understand, and I’d like to have you as one of the investors. May I make a suggestion?”

Almost one half of all U.S. adults have money sitting in an IRA or a retirement plan at work. This equals almost $20 Trillion of investable capital looking for good investment opportunities.

  • Any IRA can easily be converted to a Self-Directed IRA that could invest in your project.
  • Almost any retirement plan such as a 401(k) from a “former” employer can be also be converted to a Self-Directed IRA to invest with as you wish.

Maybe the best part is that your suggestion will be a “wake-up call” to your potential investor. With just one sentence you opened a world of opportunities to this person that their broker might not have told them.

By suggesting a Self-Directed IRA it’s unlikely that you will be disturbing some grand investment strategy that your prospect is working on. The fact is, many IRA and other retirement plan holders are oblivious as to how their IRA is doing (or even where it is located), or they know where it is and they are dissatisfied with the performance of their IRA or retirement plan.

This approach could open up investment opportunity and create a win-win scenario.

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