Video inspiration you can use right now

This holiday season looks different to each of us. Now it’s more important than ever to make sure you maintain authentic relationships with your past clients, the sphere of influence, and overall database. When you deliver your holiday message by video either through text or email, you allow the connection to thrive when you cannot be together. As you send holiday gifts and cards, video communication is a low-cost tool you should also deploy now and into 2021.

There are a variety of technology solutions you can use to deploy video messages. Many of these solutions are a la carte and not integrated with your overall database, making it challenging to create an ongoing strategy. At CINC, clients can create and deliver video messages from their desktop solution or mobile app without having to import names and other data points, making it easier for a busy agent. The open-to-reply rate increases by 8x when including video in an email or a text message (Source: Vidyard).

Here are the top 5 topic ideas to inspire your holiday video content:

1) Spotlight a recent closing and why it’s a good idea to list over the holidays

Historically, right after the holiday season, search volume increases. The weeks at the end of December and early January drive the second most traffic (behind the spring/summer months) for the search term “homes for sale” (Source: Google Trends). While many homeowners avoid listing over the holidays due to busy schedules, it’s a missed opportunity. When homes are listed during this peak search time, it drives more leads to the agent and exposure to the listing. Use video to share a recent closing and provide tips on listing over the holidays.

2) Spotlight a local cause you’ve partnered with this past year

The need to help others has increased this year and donations are stretched thin. From Giving Tuesday through the end of the year, you can provide ideas for your database on local causes or foundations which need help. Make sure you showcase charities that are in good standings with the BBB or Charity Navigator, as who you partner with represents your brand.

3) Create a tour of holiday lights

An important factor in anyone’s home decision is the location. Find a few neighborhoods or local lighting events to capture homes nicely decorated. This is an easy video to complete that you can also pair with Christmas music. Bonus if it features one of your listings!

4) Share your favorites for the holidays

Homebuyers want to work with an agent they feel they can connect with one-on-one. Utilize video to share your favorites of the holiday season. This idea has endless paths, including sharing your favorite cookie recipe, highlighting different traditions, and displaying endless decorating tips. It’s an easy way for homebuyers to get to know you and put a face with a name.

5) Craft an individual message

A short and simple personalized message to the specific homebuyer does take time to execute at scale but leaves a lasting impact.

These ideas are only the beginning. Video allows you to be creative. When creating your video message, make sure to have a clear subject line, front load the video with key information, keep it short (less than 2 minutes), and finally, don’t overthink the content or spend tons of time on reshoots. Authentic content is the most engaging!

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