Three Important Aspects Of Multilevel Marketing

Three Important Aspects Of Multilevel Marketing

Multilevel marketing is making big waves! Recently, it has become an $80 billion business and is still booming fast. With over thirty million multilevel marketing distributors worldwide, many companies are turning to multilevel marketing schemes to pump up their sales and lower down distribution costs.

Network marketing is somewhat similar to franchising. Dubbed as “The People’s Franchise”, network marketing offers the right to do business by using a company’s name and access to proven and duplicable system of doing business for very inexpensive joining fees. In seeking a feasible and sustainable network marketing system, a person interested in joining multilevel marketing should take note of three basic components that must simultaneously exist in a multilevel marketing organization.

First, quality of product value must exist. Quality of product value is the ability of the products offered to satisfy particular customer needs and wants taking into consideration the price of the products. The quality of the product value should be carefully evaluated by potential distributors because sales and therefore commission payouts are largely dependent on this factor.

Given a right product value, the products could be easily sold by distributors. Hence, the distributors’ targeted income level can be easily achieved. Satisfied distributors mean lower fall out rate for new recruits.

Quality of product value is different from product quality because the latter does not take into account the prices of the products. High quality products are great; but if sold at high prices, less and less people might be interested in actually buying the products. On the other hand, customers can also be turned off by affordable product prices that come with faltering product quality.

Quality of product value is necessary to assure business sustainability. A defective product value affects the business relationships between the independent distributors, final customers, and the company as a whole. Reputations, both of the multilevel company and its distributors, are at stake when they offer substandard products.

Second, the quality of company must be unquestionable. Quality of company pertains to the ability and dedication of a multilevel marketing company to stay and grow in the marketplace both in promising and depressing times. The quality of the multilevel company encompasses the administrative management and customer service aspects of the company.

The quality of company also touches on the quality of compensation plan that the multilevel company employs. The financial payout system influences the performance of existing and potential distributors in selling the products.

A compensation plan that is easily achieved can mean a large pool of distributors but low quality of prospects. An overly easy payout method can eat into company profits by way of larger commissions. A company could also decide to sell products at higher prices to accommodate larger commission payouts. A difficult compensation system on the other hand can turn off potential distributors and defeat the very reason the company has implemented a multilevel marketing system in the first place.

Third, quality of distributors must be present. The quality of distributors takes into consideration the skills and attitudes of the people who will be involved in marketing and retailing of the company’s products.

Prospecting is very important in multilevel marketing. Prospecting is involved in finding both long-term buyers of the products and individuals who can and will grow the business by sponsoring new recruits and marketing the business as well.

By observing these three areas in multilevel marketing, a distributor can have an increased chance of success.

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