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Rapidly Expand Your Customer Base And Manage All Your Prospects! Let IDX Global lets you Manage All Of Your Marketing And Customer Prospecting With An All-In-One Marketing Command Center... Even If You Don't Have A Single Salesperson!

7 Simple Ways to Test, Optimize, and Scale Your Facebook Lead Ads…

Facebook Lead Ads revolutionized the advertising market by bringing thousands of potential clients to your ads every day. People now spend less to acquire new customers, compared to old Facebook campaigns. Most people, however, still use only 10 percent of Facebook Lead Ads potential, leaving the bulk of their potential clients to competitors.  In this […]

How to Future-Proof a New Company

Thinking of starting a business? Entrepreneurship can be a risky venture—50 percent of small businesses don’t survive past five years. But, it is also rewarding—in fact, entrepreneurs are consistently reported to be happier (and healthier!) than employees.  How can you make your business a success story rather than a sobering stat? Successful entrepreneurs help ensure […]

In the War for Attention, Video is the Answer

Earlier this year, Instagram abandoned chronological feeds and instituted an algorithm that sent shock waves through the marketing world. Many brands watched as their engagement plummeted and traditional strategies failed to drive traffic to their content and subsequently their websites. More than 300,000 people even signed a petition to keep Instagram chronological, however, the continued […]

How to Create Your Customer Avatar

Buyer Persona Marketing Persona Customer Avatar Target Market These are the phrases that are used interchangeably to describe the fictional, generalized representations of the persona that is most likely to buy from you. It is critically important to the success of your marketing, sales, product development, and delivery of services that you have a deep understanding […]

How to Build a Scalable E-Commerce Business

Few e-commerce sellers launch their stores with the goal of only ever selling a handful of items per week. Most want much, much more than that—yet the way they set up their businesses in the early days often holds them back from achieving the kind of growth they desire down the road. [/related] https://learn.infusionsoft.com/sales/e-commerce/e-commerce-follow-up-strategies [/related] […]