Mortgage Tech Demo Day: Title Leader

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Title Leader

Title Leader is designed specifically for default services law firms, whether you have a captive title company or not.  

We’re a workflow automation platform AND a national title search vendor.  
Industry-first automation of the 11, mandatory steps of the title-search handling process…AND you gain access to our search-fulfillment partner, which serves all national title insurance underwriters.

Product Fast Facts:


Huge efficiency gains!  Eliminates hundreds of wasted hours for each paralegal that handles title searches. Now more work can be done by fewer FTEs!


Finally, workflow continuity!  Standardizes & centralizes the title-search handling workflow.  No more unique, unwritten, workflow-silos, that are hard to train, that have wide cracks, and that vary greatly in effectiveness.


No subscription fees, no license fees, no user limits. Only reasonable fees per search.  All 50 states and D.C.  Sign up and start using today!

Visit Title Leader’s Services Guide Page

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