Home Staging Benefits the Real Estate Agent

Home Staging Benefits the Real Estate Agent

As a real estate agent, your first goal is to sell houses. Of course, the faster they sell and the higher the price, the more commission you make. Obviously, this is beneficial to you! However, it is also beneficial to your client. They, too, want their home to sell quickly and for as much money as possible.

There is one thing you can do that can, and will, make both of these things happen: home staging. A professional home stager is trained to find the home's selling points and then redesign a room around those points to impress buyers immediately.

Here are some statistics you should know concerning home staging:

* Staging costs less than a price reduction and keeps your commission from going down!

* Your listing will stand out because the home will be "move-in" beautiful.

* Homes that have been stalled sell for more, thus increasing the property values ​​in the entire area.

* Vacant homes sell faster when they are staged. This is true if even only a few rooms are stagnated!

* When sales are slow, staged homes sell 50% faster.

As the market shifts and homes begin to "sit on the market," you need a solution or competitive advantage to offer discouraged home sellers. You need solutions that get their homes sold. That edge is home staging.

Home staging is a win-win proposition. You may be getting a higher commission, but that means your client will be getting a higher price for their home and get more of their equity!

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