Empowering women to consider their guiding principles in brokerage selection

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Empowering women to consider their guiding principles in brokerage selection

The real estate industry, like so many other industries, still struggles with inequities that exist for women. Although 64% of members of the National Association of REALTORS® are female, a much smaller percentage make it into leadership roles. And even for those who do excel into the executive ranks, many still see pay inequality.

The industry has come a long way and continues to evolve and grow. Additionally, there are many women who have challenged the traditional norms and have pushed through barriers to successful and rewarding careers as agents, brokers, owners, and leaders.

If you are a woman looking to enter the real estate industry, considering your own guiding principles is just as important as considering commission splits. Here are a few common values women consider when entering the real estate industry and selecting a brokerage:

Can I have complete control over my schedule? The 9 to 5 grind is not appealing to many and it can make work-life balance challenging. Having the flexibility and independence to set your schedule and hours around the other demands in your life provides freedom and happiness that can help reduce overall stress.

Do I get to be ‘me?’ One of the most rewarding aspects of any career is the ability to be yourself. Many corporate cultures want you to align to their standards. A career in real estate allows you to run your business and align yourself with the organizations and people who appreciate and accept your authenticity.

What does personal growth look like for me and others? So often the growth path in a career is timed and methodical. Your employer has expectations for you with a defined career path, that is set on their terms. Real estate puts your growth in your hands. There are unlimited possibilities with opportunities that can include owning your own brokerage to even helping early-career agents grow their business. And there is no timeline, you choose the journey that works best for you.

Do I feel the love? Loving what you do and having the passion to do it is so important for your success. The love you receive also comes from feeling like you are home, part of a family, part of something great. Many careers start this way but quickly lose their luster.

Take some time to explore your own guiding principles and choose those that are most relevant to your career decisions. And if you are interested in a career in real estate, reach out to women in the industry and the brokerage you are considering to gain perspective, knowledge, and assistance in your pursuit.

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