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CRM for small business

Import and organize the contacts that come to your business with tagging and segmentation. Collect data about contacts' behaviors, score them based on marketing interactions, and prioritize the leads that are hottest and ready to buy Track engagement and customize follow-up messages based on unique customer profiles.

Marketing automation

Engage your audience with personalized automated follow-up that helps you market smarter, not harder. Streamline the way you market to new customers by automating lead capture and follow up. Trigger communications based on email sends, opens, clicks, form submissions, and payment history.

Sales Automation

Spend less time working deals and more time closing them by having all of your sales activities, tasks, and appointments in one place. Automatically kick off follow-up emails, tasks, appointments and more Trigger a personalized, automated sequence of communication when someone makes a purchase.


Justin, with his 10 years in the Internet marketing industry, has gained extensive knowledge of all phases of Internet services and strategy and search engine optimization, his current area of expertise. Justin's background in scientific computing and information architecture provided the foundation with many years experience in SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) . Listed as one of the Top 50 Digital Marketing Experts in the U.S.
Social Media Marketing Manager
Amanda is a marketing maven who effortlessly intertwines marketing tactics to get her clients unparalleled results. Whether she is meticulously analyzing data to see where there is room for improvement or she is implementing her newest innovative idea, one thing is for sure: She lives for creativity in her marketing strategies. As a veteran business blogger, and certified digital marketer amanda is known as one of the best social media marketers in the world.
Operational Officer
Brad has 10 years of experience working with large, global corporations and local medium sized companies on their digital marketing strategy, execution, employee communications and SharePoint Design / Development. Brad has worked with global companies and brands like Hershey’s, Diageo, Tory Burch, Heineken, Harley-Davidson, Honeywell, Dannon, Philip Morris, Mercedes-Benz among others.
Vice President of Strategy
She comes from a background of producing, managing, and creating the strategic approach for Search Engine Marketing, reporting, and user experience projects. In her last position, Jessica was the digital strategist for over 100 clients and provided recommendations and implementation plans for all their digital needs. Jessica has developed marketing solutions for Rite Aid, Cigna Healthcare and Unilever among others. solutions that change the world.

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