Jeff Allen, Executive Vice President, Innovation Labs, Clear Capital

Jeff Allen brings more than 15 years of real estate valuation, data and analytics experience to the Clear Capital executive leadership team. Now leading Clear Capital’s mortgage collateral modernization programs, Allen is reimagining and re-engineering how home valuations are manufactured and partnering with major lenders and GSEs to bring greater efficiency and speed to the consumer. Most recently, Allen led the inception and introduction of an in-house innovation lab at Clear Capital to solve challenges presented to the real estate and mortgage industries, with the goal of leaning deeper into innovation in a more accelerated way through focused research, testing and development. Through his role as executive vice president of innovation labs, Allen has played an integral part of spearheading solutions such as OwnerInsight, a free, consumer-friendly mobile tool that the company launched this year amid the COVID-19 pandemic. OwnerInsight enables safe social distancing in the appraisal process by empowering homeowners to securely provide high-quality information and images of their homes without having an appraiser on-site. As part of the Clear Capital leadership team, Allen envisions a future with same-day property approval on new loans and a seamless process from the initial real estate transaction all the way through to secondary market decisions.

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