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Rapidly Expand Your Customer Base And Manage All Your Prospects! Let IDX Global lets you Manage All Of Your Marketing And Customer Prospecting With An All-In-One Marketing Command Center... Even If You Don't Have A Single Salesperson!


Easy Ways to Find Long-Tail Keywords

In the SEO world, everyone talks about the value of long-tail keywords. Most often, the long-tail phrases you discover are valuable and generate high-targeted traffic to your website.  Read on to uncover five great ways to find long-tail keywords for your marketing campaigns.  1. Professional tools  If you’re serious about keyword research, in particular, long-tails, […]

Mapping Your Customer's PPC Journey

A great PPC campaign is nothing without a proper understanding of the customer’s journey from paid click to on-site conversion. Even the most seasoned AdWords veterans often overlook two aspects of managing successful campaigns: Ignoring the conversion funnel from the beginning Forgetting to measure the touch points throughout the customer journey In fact, a study […]


In this episode, “8 to 250 Deals in 2 years” real estate broker, Lisa Chinatti of Westford, MA, shares how she sold 82 properties and got 20 referrals with just an assistant in 2016, and how she is now on track to do 250 transactions in 2017. Lisa’s achievements are amazing! Watch as she shares […]

5 Resources to Build Better Leadership Skills and Grow Confidence

You never know when you’ll need to become a leader, and when you do, your team needs to know they can follow your direction and trust your decisions. A strong leader effectively communicates, motivates, troubleshoots, and empowers while offering accountability when needed. These attributes make people feel secure, heard and guided (and increases productivity).  If your […]

How to Keep Remote Teams Connected

Remote employees are used to working solo. For many online businesses, however, projects require collaborative efforts. Building team unity can be challenging while managing virtual employees. You lose the “water cooler” effect of a regular office setting where employees run into each other and talk. These kinds of interactions seem minor, but they actually play […]