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Your Real Odds of Getting Struck By Lightning

When I was a younger man one of my girlfriends had told me I hope you get struck by lightning. I thought to myself the chances of me being struck by lightning or about a million to one. However they are not quite that high and in fact I used to like to go jogging in the rain because I was a very good runner in high school and college. And I like to run on mountain trails near my home and therefore my chance of getting struck by lightning were probably 10 times greater than anyone else in the city who was hiding in their house during the storms.

Nevertheless about two years after this woman uttered these words and she was a very cute gal as I recall; her own brother got struck by lightning and I thought to myself I guess my mind is too strong and her words could not reach me, but instead her brother was the one that got struck by lightning. Believe it or not he lived to tell about it. So I can say I know someone who has been struck by lightning and then I thought well the chances of someone being struck by lightning has to be less than a million so I did little searching on the Internet.

The actual odds in the United States of America are; 244,000 to one of been struck by lightning in your lifetime. In fact they are a lot less than winning the lottery. So in case you are thinking you’re going to win the lottery for your retirement may I say to you; you are better off to save your money because the chance of you winning the lottery are over a million to one; whereas your chances of being struck by lightning are less than 250,000 to one. So consider this in 2006.

real estate marketing ideas