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Real Estate Slogans

With sound bites and rapid-flash images, it seems like there isn’t much room for advertising slogans any more. But once upon a time, when we traveled at slower speeds and information was delivered by newspapers and radio, the success of an advertising campaign depended (in large part) on how memorable its slogan was.

But there’s still room for a good slogan, especially if it keeps you or your real estate company in the minds of current and future clients long after they hear or read it.

Longevity in advertising

Consider the power and longevity of an effective slogan. One of the world’s most famous diamond slogans was launched in 1947. The de Beers slogan is still used today: “A diamond is forever.” Another highly recognizable slogan for a globally popular hard-shelled candy debuted in the mid-1950s: M&Ms “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.”

Those slogans have survived through generations where other catchy-yet-forgettable slogans have vanished from our collective memory. Memorable slogans have these characteristics in common. They are:

  • Simple
  • Catchy
  • Descriptive
  • Succinct.

Crafting your own memorable real estate slogan

A professional advertising agency can help create the slogan that will brand you or your company in the minds of your target real estate audience. But if you must be your own advertising guru (at least for awhile), take a few moments to clarify:

  • Your mission – what do you/your business want to achieve
  • Your value proposition – what you offer and what separates you from your competitors

Next, play with slogan ideas. Some of these tips may help you begin the process of creating your own powerful slogan:

  • Identify what appeals to your clients’ emotions
  • Show the benefits your service provides to customers
  • Keep it simple and short (8 words or less is the recommendation from advertising experts)
  • Avoid the obvious and the vague
  • Try targeting geographically (it can help with search engine optimization)
  • Does your name offer potential for a play on words?
  • Try rhyming
  • Evoke an image, if possible

The most effective slogans also have these characteristics. They:

  • Inspire
  • Evoke trust, stability, honesty
  • Humor

Words to avoid

Certain words or phrases can prevent you (and your slogan) from standing out. You want clients to know that you are trained, professional, dedicated, and offer “unparalleled service.” But in a slogan, those are merely overworked buzz words commonly used in real estate advertising.

Think simplicity and sophistication

As one real estate advertising blogger suggested, “Simplicity is the art of subtraction.”

Build your slogan; then try subtracting words from it. Your slogan or tag line can be a brief sentence, a play on your name, or even a series of words like, “Read. Learn. Grow.”

Make note every sequence or sentence that catches your imagination and frequently repeat it to yourself, family, friends, and colleagues before you even consider launching it as your new slogan. Their feedback can be invaluable when you are giving your slogan a trial run.

If it just doesn’t “ring true” try another slogan, and another, until you find the one that fits your purpose – and you. You’ll know you’re heading in the right direction when your slogan feels like it’s been positive part of your name for years.

real estate lead generation