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The Power of One, The Power of You

Truly this can be exhausting, let alone overwhelming. The tactics that I am going to share with you today are simple, yet powerful ways to grow and expand your business no matter what level you currently are experiencing. Growing your business to leadership and visionary levels does not have to be over complicated.

What if you got just one VIP day a week?

For many of you this is a BIG deal. Dependent on your level these VIP Day's may range anywhere from $ 997 on up past $ 10,000 +. But, let's just take a $ 997 VIP Day.

Two big benefits here from just ONE VIP Day a week:

One, this adds about $ 4,000 to your bottom line each month , not bad, especially when you consider these clients 90% of the time will step up to your High-end coaching program yet that is a mastermind or 1-1 style you offer. The key here is that you have to have the evolved step in place.

Secondly, it gives your clients massive transformation in a very short amount of time meaning you get some amazing testimonials to use in your marketing! Not bad for a days work !!!

So let's take a look at the power of one from the prospective clients point.

• What is your 1 BIG promise that you offer?

• What is the transformation you are known for?

Many times I ask this question to prospective customers and they just do not know the answer. They usually give me a string of mini results they offer. I'm talking about that one "thing" you are so well known for , and if you are new what you want to be known for. So if you take away one point from this article, it would be your answer to this: "What one transformation do you offer?"

What about the power of 1 client?

1.) This exercise will help you completely connect with your perfect client.

It's much, much easier to think of who your perfect client by envisioning 1 person vs a big group. So if your "perfect client" was sitting next to you, or sometimes you were having a conversation with them … What would they look like, what gender, how much do they make, what are their interests, hobbies, what personality traits Do they have in common … What behavior do they have that make them your perfect client? Really visualize this. Now think of someone you actually know that is your perfect client. Anytime someone does not fit this description, although you are not meant to help them.

2.) This exercise will help you understand your value that you give your client.

If you were to follow your client around for the day, how would their life be different from having your services and / or products? What value, benefits and results would they experience?

What about the power of 1 power-player JV partner?

What do I mean by power player? Well, they are established, they have a decent sized list (5,000+) and they are well known within their inner circle. Connecting with one JV partner like this could change your business dramatically. You can offer many things, but one of my favorites is offering a Bonus Gift that they can add into a package that they are already selling. Your gift must be complimentary to their, and you want their customers to be the same target market as yours. Three things happen here, one your list may grow exponentially, two your visibility will increase and three you gain popularity via connection.

1 Interview a week:

Can you imagine how your numbers would increase if just 1 person per week interviewed you and introduced you to their followers ? I'll let you think about this one, to me this is a game changer and one that is often forgotten. You can bring so much value to other entrepreneurs, many are starved for information and valuable content.

The power of 1 hour a day:

I would LOVE for you to spend at least a couple of hours a day connecting to prospective clients, but just 1 hour a day will make a huge difference . Do not worry about the arrival, just spend 1 hour getting really curious and opening yourself up and connecting with others. Who knows what may come from this … JV partners, media spotlights, interviews, new clients, the list goes on and on. For those of you that are new to growing your highly conscious business this is pertinent, for those of you that are overwhelmed and working way too hard- it's time to get back to what works, and for those of you that have your mo-jo Going on – well this is good to keep your finger on the pulse of what your clients really, really need and want.

Lastly the power of 1 hour connecting to your inner source:

When you give so much of yourself, you must take a moment in the day to refuel your spirit. 1 hour to meditate, pamper yourself, connect to nature by taking a walk, whatever it is for you to re-energize and reconnect will make all of the difference in how you show up for yourself and for your clients.

I know that being a busy woman this is very difficult to do, but I guarantee many of you are doing things that you need to completely let go of. Give these tasks to others to do, or many times, these tasks do not need to be done at all. I encourage you to really look at your to-do list and limit it to just the top three items. This is a discussion for another day, but for now I guarantee taking this time for you will change how you show up in your business and in your life!

The power of one thought:

Within our teleseminars, our content and our teachings it's human nature to want to over deliver and prove our value. This can be overwhelming for our clients. A coaching college of mine, Fia-Lynn Crandall, suggested to me the idea of ​​driving home just one thought, one idea. The reasoning behind this is so that your clients actually "get it". They walk away remembering that one idea.

They will never forget it!

This is a brilliant concept and it fits in wonderfully to the simple, yet powerful strategy of the power of one!

I know that after reading this article you will always remember the "Power of ONE" and the incredible impact this can have not only on creating profits, but simplifying your business and focus so that you are showing up fully, inspired and ready to say " YES "to your next opportunity.

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